Seattle Prenatal Yoga for a Gentle Workout Before Birth!

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Prenatal yoga has many health benefits for expectant mothers, and is a great way to ease some of the common aches and pains of pregnancy. As a woman’s body grows and stretches to accommodate her growing baby, exercising in a safe and effective way is vital. Prenatal yoga is a safe, fun, and empowering way to stay healthy during pregnancy. These three Seattle prenatal yoga studios offer amazing classes tailored to supporting the unique needs of pregnant women. 

Seattle Prenatal Yoga Studios for You and Your Little One

Sri Janani Yoga

7700 Aurora Ave N

Seattle, WA 98103

Sri Janani Yoga is a place where moms can nurture themselves and their babies. This is the country’s first sanctuary to offer yoga and more amenities for every stage of pregnancy and an infant’s life, with prenatal yoga classes offered every day for convenience. The studio also offers postpartum classes as moms recover from childbirth. 

Prenatal yoga classes are tailored to pregnant women, and are offered both in studio and online! These classes allow women to experience the wonder of pregnancy by learning how to safely move their bodies in a way that builds physical and mental strength. Prenatal classes are led by registered nurse Colette, including times for community, connecting with other moms, asking questions, and learning various breathing techniques for labor and delivery. 

Limber Yoga

7901 35th Ave SW

2nd Floor

West Seattle, WA 98126

Pregnancy is an amazing journey and shows women just how capable their bodies are. Prenatal yoga classes are unique in that they offer postures to strengthen the body, alleviate pain, and practice positions that will help during labor. Prenatal yoga connects mothers to their growing child by encouraging the mind-body connection, the importance of breath, and the ability to connect with other moms and form a sense of community. 

At Limber Yoga, there are four ways to take a prenatal yoga class. Clients can take a Zoom class, join a livestream, watch a recorded class, or choose from the studio’s on-demand library. 

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Aditi Yoga

1815 North 45th Street

Seattle, WA 98103

Aditi Yoga is a community that feels like family. The instructors strive to get to know each individual and tailor classes to meet their unique needs. Aditi is founded on the attitude of trust between the business, teachers, and students. This studio is a place where the body will be challenged without feeling like a workout. 

Prenatal yoga classes are safe for all stages of pregnancy and combine strength training, flexibility, and focus in a welcoming, inviting setting. Postures open the pelvis, strengthen the back, and support the extra weight of pregnancy. Breath work and community bonds are also included in prenatal classes. 

Seattle Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal yoga has countless health benefits for women as they navigate their pregnancy journey. From easing aches and pains, to preparing the body for labor and delivery, to supporting mental wellness and empowerment, the Seattle prenatal yoga classes taught at these three yoga studios provide health benefits for expectant women that will help support them throughout their entire pregnancy. 

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