Kirkland Pediatricians Providing Comforting Care & Environments

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Finding the right doctor to care for your children is important. When it comes to their wellness, you want to find someone you trust to help you make informed decisions. These Kirkland pediatricians are known for their exemplary care and dedication to keeping our community’s children healthy and safe. Read more about them below!

3 Kirkland Pediatricians Providing Outstanding Healthcare Services

Evergreen Pediatrics

Evergreen Pediatrics is a small, physician-owned practice committed to “going beyond the common standard of care to deliver exceptional solutions for all your children’s needs.” 

That means that their patients have access to central locations, hours that are convenient for their schedule, and customized care that accounts for their needs, questions, and preferences. 

Their personalized approach means you will see the same physician every visit. By doing so, your doctor gets to know your children personally, improving their care. Evergreen Pediatrics isn’t just about handling sickness; it’s also about investing in your child’s total well-being.

Allegro Pediatrics

Allegro Pediatrics’ mission is “to partner with families to heal, nurture, and empower each child in their journey to adulthood.” They have been setting the standard for children’s medical care for over 50 years, with almost 90 providers across 7 locations. 

Their board-certified pediatricians believe that developing a healthy relationship with patients and families is the best way to fulfill their mission. Hence, they invest time in building trusting relationships from your first appointment. They will get to know your parenting preferences and familiarize themselves with your child’s developmental, medical, and behavioral concerns. 

In addition to yearly wellness check-ups, school/sports/camp physicals, and routine immunizations, they also offer same-day urgent care appointments 365 days a year. This way, they can address any issues quickly. Your child can get back to feeling their best as soon as possible. 

Even with their extensive network of providers, you’ll be able to select a primary physician for your family who will help to ensure your children are constantly receiving excellent care. 

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While we all wish that trips to the doctor were reserved for routine wellness checks, the reality is that sometimes our kids need more intensive care. EvergreenHealth knows that it’s never fun to spend time in the hospital. Still, they dedicate themselves to providing excellent care in an environment designed to meet your child’s needs for compassion and reassurance. 

Their staff commits to explaining every phase of treatment to you and your child. As such, you can partner throughout your child’s healing process. EvergreenHealth knows your child feels more comfortable with their parents involved. Parents then feel more confident to care for their children once they return home.

EvergreenHealth invites parents to spend the night on the daybed in their child’s room. This provides extra comfort for them and their child. Their exceptional staff of pediatric specialists can handle a wide range of medical and surgical conditions. Their nurses trained in intensive care, orthopedics, medical-surgical, and ambulatory care. 

Regardless of the kind of care your child needs, when it comes down to getting intensive and specialized attention, EvergreenHealth is here to help. 

Kirkland Pediatricians

These Kirkland pediatricians are known for their compassionate care and dedication to Kirkland families. Check out their websites for more information on their providers, locations, and offered services. Together, you can ensure your children stay healthy so they can enjoy every moment of being a kid! 

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