Seattle Prenatal Massage Locations for Pregnancy-Safe Services

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Having the opportunity to carry a child, whether your first or fifth, is magical, unique, and beautiful. What’s not magical and beautiful are those annoying discomforts that can accompany pregnancy. You know the ones, swelling feet and ankles, back pain, aching muscles, lack of sleep, headaches, and more. While growing your precious baby is worth those normal discomforts, there is a way to help get relief! All you need to do is book a Seattle prenatal massage at one of these locations and get the massage you DESERVE! After all, growing an entire being is hard work. What better way to thank your body than a perfectly customized, pregnancy-safe, and much-needed massage? I’ve gathered a group of amazing places ready to pamper your changing body.

3 Locations for Tension & Ache Relieving Services

Seattle Pregnancy Massage

Using a variety of massage techniques like Swedish massage, deep tissue, and myofascial release, the licensed and experienced massage therapists of Seattle Pregnancy Massage give a customized massage to relieve tension and pain in your changing body. 

Their office, located at 1417 NW 54th Street Suite 464, Seattle, WA, provides personalized prenatal massages designed to help alleviate the physical and emotional discomforts and demands of pregnancy that are both safe and effective for your journey. They also offer other specialized services for those trying to conceive and mothers who have recently given birth!

Seattle Maternity Massage

Specializing in prenatal and postpartum massages, Seattle Maternity Massage, located at Fremont Space Building 600 N 36th St. Suite 223, Seattle, WA 98103, was founded and is operated by a licensed massage therapist and doula, Kristin Thomas. She understands the pregnancy journey on many levels and the discomforts that come with it. 

She provides various massage services for pregnant women and new mothers, including deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, and reflexology, designed for your changing body. Her massages alleviate back pain, swelling, and fatigue and provide relaxation and stress relief. Clients love her positive approach, calming hands, presence, and attentive manner to aid them along their birthing journey!

Deep River Bodyworks

Using pregnancy-safe methods and techniques of Swedish massage, myofascial release, deep tissue massage, and more, Deep River Body Works, located at 2208 NW Market Street Suite 430K Seattle WA, 98107, caters to your prenatal massage needs. They strive to relieve the physical and emotional stress accompanying pregnancy while improving circulation and helping expecting women prepare for childbirth. 

Their highly experienced and licensed massage therapists are attentive to your comfort with every touch and method. They keep their space welcoming, comfortable, and safe for every client. They understand those aches and discomforts don’t always subside once the baby arrives either. That’s why they also offer postpartum massages to aid mothers in any way they can through this momentous time.

Seattle Prenatal Massage

Thank your body for all its hard work, and book yourself a relaxing Seattle prenatal massage at one of these lovely studios. Sit back and unwind as you enjoy your pregnancy-centered experience!

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