Seattle Midwife for a Natural Birthing Experience Tailored to You!

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As you begin to think about what you want your ideal birth experience to be, you may want to consider a Seattle midwife. To be a midwife is to honor each woman’s unique birth experience. This belief is rooted in the fact that birth is a natural process, and women’s bodies know how to give birth. Accordingly, these outstanding Seattle Midwifery practices empower families to decide how, where, and with whom they wish to give birth and keep moms and babies safe throughout the process. Read more about Seattle Home Maternity, Midwife Seattle, and Rainy City Midwifery below! 

Seattle Midwife for a Natural Birthing Experience!

Seattle Home Maternity

Two midwives in 1980 founded Seattle Home Maternity. They were among the first midwives educated in the United States to obtain Washington State midwifery licenses. Now, a team of 3 midwives runs the organization. They work out of their location in Seattle’s vibrant Columbia City neighborhood. Seattle Home Maternity will assist women in home births or birth centers! Your midwife will evaluate your early labor regardless of where you choose to have your baby. Furthermore, she will spend active labor by your side and fully support you throughout your birth.

She will evaluate vital signs and monitor your baby’s well-being. As midwives, they will provide suggestions for pain relief, emotional support, and encouragement. They will ensure that you feel safe and secure throughout your birth experience. Should you choose to have your baby at a birth center, you can choose from their licensed on-site birth center in the lower level of their clinic or the Center for Birth in South Lake Union. Altogether, you will be in compassionate and capable hands with Seattle Home Maternity.

Midwife Seattle

Midwife Seattle is owned and operated by Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM) Cindie Brown. She has nearly 30 years of experience assisting births in and out of hospitals. Cindie believes the midwife’s role is to gently and respectfully provide inspiration and medical expertise. All while guarding against fear and that you can make the best healthcare decisions for yourself and your baby when given evidence-based information. Altogether, your family is unique, your voice, your story, and your birth experience matter. These are all things that Cindie recognizes and honors in each patient. Midwife Seattle’s services include comprehensive, holistic prenatal care, ultrasounds, homebirth assistance, and postpartum care.  

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Rainy City Midwifery

Rainy City Midwifery is one of Seattle’s most well-established practices, operating since the mid-1980s. They help pregnant women deliver their babies at home or in community birth centers like the Center for Birth and Seattle Home Maternity. Their team includes Dr. Sara Alvarado (Naturopath and Licensed Midwife) and Licensed Midwives Beth Coyote, Emily Jones, and Blake Stewart. Their services involve evidence-based care and shared-decision making and informed choice. Rainy City Midwifery believes that “birth should be a family-centered experience, encompassing each client’s unique beliefs and need for a safe and satisfying birth experience.” They also work with a vast network of licensed professionals to offer patients benefits like lab services, physical exams, and referrals for ultrasounds. 

Seattle Midwife

If an empowering birth experience is what you seek, a fantastic Seattle midwife is ready and able to help. Spend some time on their websites to learn about their midwives, services, and philosophies to see if they may be the right fit for you.

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